Digitally Remastered For Success

Fizz History

Version - 22/06/2002
-Quake support
-Copy rule+value to clipboard
-Minor add server fix
-No longer have to press update in Filters

Version - 16/06/2002
-Many minor fixes
-Proper help (thanks to Fury for start)

Version - 13/06/2002
-Added Copy Info
-Bad context server popup fix

Version - 04/06/2002
-Added filters
-Refresh X servers at once
-Fixed Ping
-Adding many servers should be alot easier
-Minor bug fixes

Version - 22/02/2002
-Added icons to game box
-Another Add Server fix
-Ins/Del for adding/deleting servers

Version - 21/02/2002
-Tribes 2 support

Version - 20/02/2002
-Fixed Half-Life Game/Mod bug

Version - 20/02/2002
-Tribes support
-QuakeWorld players have full colours
-Fixed a minor save/load bug

Version - 13/02/2002
-Fixed double-click to launch game option (thanks to kuid for bug report)

Version - 12/02/2002
-Added ICQ Integration
-Added Minimize to tray option
-Fixed server re-order bug

Version - 08/02/2002
-Fixed Import/Export Server List
-Added Import GameSpy Server List

Version - 08/02/2002
-Fixed Remove Server/Save/Load bug

Version - 08/02/2002
-Fixed Add Server bug (thanks to Fury for bug report)

Version - 08/02/2002
-Games are now seperated and not in one big list
-Few more options
-Re-done innards

Version - 12/01/2002
-Wolfenstein support
-Custom Join for launching games (right-click Server)
-Player name in status bar
-Fixed problem where some servers couldn't be added
-Fixed bug in Game Setup

Version - 01/01/2002
-Quake 2 support
-Drag Drop server list sort
-Fixed launch game (Q3 didn't work)
-Fixed mis-report of players in Half-Life servers
-Uninstall (run fizz -reset)

Version - 10/12/2001
-Fixed problems with Ping (thanks to Skiper DeLonge for bug report)
-Rewrote entire internet code (again)
-Fixed Half-Life mis-report/rubbish players

Version - 28/11/2001
-Quake 3 support
-Fixed Add Server IP/DNS problem
-Fixed Add Server crash (again)
-Basic Ping

Version - 26/11/2001
-Fixed Add Server crash
-Game Setup is now more friendly
-Minor fixes

Version - 21/11/2001
-Half-Life support
-Fixed refresh flicker
-Right-Click menus (Spectator and Password join)
-QuakeWorld Players have pants/shirt colour
-Import server lists (Fizz and GameSpy)
-Advanced Sort of player columns
-Copy IP
-Basic multi-user support

Version Inital Release - 04/11/2001
-QuakeWorld support only

News (old)

2 November 2002
No updates for a while, about time for another overhaul soon. Adding new game support is a tad too difficult. I'm thinking of making some sort of scripting language to parse the info so when people ask "when will Fizz have such-in-such game support?!" I can say "do it yourself!" :)

22 June 2002
Added Quake support.

16 June 2002
Fizz now has proper help :)
Also fixed a few minor bugs.

13 June 2002
Minor update. 1 fix and Copy Info item on server context menu (copies info about the server to the clipboard).

4 June 2002
Big update: 2000 menu/toolbar look, added filters, improved refreshing, fixed ping (finally..) and many bug fixes.
Be sure to read fizz.txt on how to use filters.
Proper manual coming soon, the text file will have to do for now :)

23 April 2002
I'm currently re-writing Fizz's load/save/refresh code which may take some time. This will allow filtering of servers and hopefully a few speedups.

25 March 2002
Any experienced delphi programmers want to help me code Fizz?
Contact me.

22 February 2002
Added icons to game box. Can use Ins/Del to add/delete servers.

21 February 2002
Added support for Tribes 2.

20 February 2002
Added support for Tribes and now QuakeWorld players have all colours beside their name (not just red/blue/yellow/green).

17 February 2002
Version has new icon :)

13 February 2002
Minor update, fixed double-click to launch game option.

12 February 2002
Added ICQ Integration and minimize to tray option. ICQ Integration tested with 2001b Beta v5.18 Build #3659, should work with ICQ2000a or higher. Needs icqmapi.dll (from files section).

8 February 2002
Games are now seperate in a drop down box and not in one big list and add a few more options.
I've redone the innards of Fizz so there may be bugs (things not working, weird error messages etc). Contact me if you find any. Also had a few requests to add Ghost Recon support, but I can't until I know what the server query is (see here "Game Server Querying").
Coming soonish: filtering of servers.
[Update] - fixed Add Server bug - fixed Remove Server/Save/Load bug - fixed Import/Export Server List, added Import GameSpy List (hope they all work)

12 January 2002
Return to Castle Wolfenstien support.
Game Setup info will need re-entering as it's been changed. Last time this will happen (Tools->Game Setup).
I have no idea if the Defaults in Game Setup are correct, can someone tell me if they're not :)

2 January 2002
Percent codes have been changed since v12x0. They'll need changing in Game Setup.
If you get any errors run fizz -reset. Failing that also delete server.fzs.