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QuakeWorld TeamFortress duel, sniper war and capture the flag map.


Red and Blue team - one player per team: Fight in a small arena.
Classes: Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Pyro, Engineer and Random PC

Yellow and Green team - any number of players: Snipers play sniper war in a small 2fort while all other classes play in a small CTF map, take the enemy flag from their base and capture at your flag point for 5 frags.

This map is designed for individual frags for the dueling teams and the player who captures the flag gets 5 frags and not the whole team.

Download, 435KB
Extract amth1.bsp into the fortress\maps directory.


amth1 Inside Green's Base
Inside Green's Base
amth1 Outside Green's Base
Outside Green's Base
amth1 Outside
amth1 Sniper Base
Sniper Base
amth1 Duel arena
Duel arena


Convert extended ASCII in Quake's qconsole.log into readable plain text. Source included (GPL).
From: Pìáùåò … ÖóÄ rides SHªTFªCEDý''s rocket
To: Player . ]VsD[ rides SH*TF*CED}''s rocket

Download, 26KB


qlog2txt converting a console log
Converting a console log


From a list of maps, MapEx collects all the required model and sound files from the quake directory and compresses them either individually or together.

Download, 89KB


MapEx packaging maps
Packaging two maps


Send single or many rcon commands to a QuakeWorld server.

Download, 228KB


Arc issuing commands
Issuing the "status" command

Scorched Earth 2 Server Configuration

The config for SE2 (, includes all server settings and modified ThunderVote map voting system. Requires extra files such as server binary and PAK files, see the readme for more details. SE2 uses OZTF 1.45.

Download, 437KB - Configuration, 142KB - Modified ThunderVote source (optional)

Locs, 771KB - 237 Loc (location) files for QuakeWorld proxies and newer clients
I created the following: oppose2, bam4, h4rdcore, mbasesr, realmd1, tfexper4, igni, 2tribes2, 2tribes, outpost3, tfsunset, wall, 2trench1, machn1, tf2k, amth1

Loc Creation Guide

How to make locs with heaps of positions real easy (view the how to demo).
  1. Make sure you can .mark locations with Qizmo (NFProxy has a line limit)
  2. Find a room
  3. /bind x "say .mark -r- flag room"
  4. Run around the perimeter of red's flag room and mash your x key. If it's a big room go through the middle in a cross
  5. Find another room
  6. /bind x "say .mark -r- way to flag room"
  7. Mash x key while running around the room
  8. Repeat until done entire map
  9. Open up mapnam.loc and text search and replace -r- to something like [red] or .red. or .r. or whatever. Using the actual character is better than $[, $. etc because of some client/proxy restrictions
  10. Send me loc ;)
Obviously change the names in the example and don't call every room "flag room" with the one beside it "way to flag room". Make the names of the positions understandable to everyone. It's used for the team and not useful if only you know where you're talking about. The more positions in a loc the better.

Miscellaneous, 174KB - My entire QuakeWorld TeamFortress configs, 3KB - Communication configs, 2.87MB - Sounds for above comms configs, 503KB - Speedstats, statistics for Quake, 341KB - QuakeWorld Proxy
qizmo-2.91-intel-linux-glibc.tar.gz, 314KB - QuakeWorld Proxy (Linux), 337KB - QuakeWorld Proxy, 725KB - QuakeWorld/Quake 2 Proxy, 358KB - Nitro2 Update
OZTF Mod site - Mirror for the OZTF Mod site
ZQuake User Manual - (outdated) Manual for ZQuake (now here)