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Battlefield 2 server rcon administration program for Windows 2K/XP (also should work in Wine and 9x/ME), the server needs to be running BF2CC/ModManager scripts version 4.6 or later and PunkBuster be enabled.


To ensure player management is quick and easy, a command line interface is used. Rather than looking through a list of 64 players to find the player who's doing something they shouldn't, you can partially match their name with m <name> and bantk to ban them. Other matching includes negative score, with teamkills, squad leader/member, commander, high ping, in a vehicle and more, players can also be teamswapped, kicked or banned. The hotkey (Shift+F12) will redirect all keyboard to Superfluous meaning that commands can be issued while you're in game and flying a plane, running Superfluous on a second monitor is recommended so you can see what you're typing but not necessary if you're brave.


Download, 20KB
Source code


Superfluous in action
Kicking a player while flying (enlarge)


v1.042007-01-21Option to resolve IPs
v1.012006-02-12Fixed /commands.
v1.002006-02-06Initial release.