Digitally Remastered For Success


QuakeWorld server administration program for Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP, compatible with nearly all server versions from QW2.33 to the latest MVDSV (disable encrypted rcon).


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Watcher main screen
Main screen


v1.882004-11-28Overflow fixes, serverinfo/localinfo values > 20 chars are marked with *'s (best guess)
v1.872004-11-10MVDSV 0.175 support
v1.862004-07-21Missing players in mvdsv fix
v1.842004-01-04Site manager tidy up
v1.832003-00-00Overflow fix (not released)
v1.822003-12-17Site Manager, temp ban, server groups, store settings in ini
v1.802003-09-16Fixed no ban and huge rate overflow, shows all * keys client and changed state characters
v1.752003-07-22Lots of minor fixes
v1.742003-06-01Commandline -debug, creates logs\debug.log, email me this if you have problems
v1.732003-05-29Show player's real IP if known
v1.722003-05-14Few Fixes
v1.702003-05-13Another netcode cleanup, can now select > 1 players, Type in bottom left for conpad
v1.602003-04-25Cleaned up netcode a bit, should now show >20 players on server, cuff & mute on menu (tick extras)
v1.502003-00-00Fixed too many localinfos, added hide maps in localinfo (OZTF)
v1.432003-00-00Fix connect I/O Error (Thanks Shogun)
v1.402003-00-00Fixed few # bugs, re-orders scripts, new toolbar
v1.302003-00-00Bug fixes, Virtual console "say" command is prefixed with say text
v1.202002-00-00Connect/disconnect is now logged (unreleased)
v1.102002-00-00Bug fixes, added logging and cheat checking, smaller font
v1.002002-11-22Initial Release